public relations

Public Relations is a key driver for marketing success in this media conscious market place. Consumers seeking to make holiday choices regularly read travel and mainstream media. The internet is another important means for sourcing information or stories about travel experiences that will guide them in their decision making process for the next holiday destination.  PR is a requisite for marketing and sales success in this market place.

be represented provides clients with on-going PR services ensuring that the awareness of your product is build and positive media coverage is achieved. Important means for achieving this task are basic activities such as media liason, press assistance for special occasions like travel shows and media service including the regular distribution of press releases, newsletters or quality features. On top in-depth acitivities are provided as tailormade service suiting the needs of your company.  The services include the organisation of press trips, TV or radio promotions, story placements, internet features, background talks and other cooperations.

production and distribution of press material

compilation of information about your product for distribution to selected media such as press kits, press releases, fact sheets, quality features, internet features or e-newsletters

media relations
regular contact to media by providing information about your product

marketing and pr co-operations
coordination of marketing activities with PR

coordination of press trips
organisation of press trips in order to receive expected coverage in the respective markets

trade show presence
attending travel shows to source possibilities for PR activities and provide information to travel trade media

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