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kabo.jpgbe represented was founded and is owned by Katja Bockwinkel. Having worked for Tourism Northern Territory in Germany and Australia for over ten years means detailed destinational and product knowledge about Australia. Multiple travels to Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe as well as product representation for Namibian clients provide comprehensive knowledge about Southern Africa.

This in combination with in-depth knowledge about the different markets in Europe and the tourism marketing background guarantees a competent partner for your marketing and PR activities.

Representing you is not about our company, but about your product. Your company is present – be represented . We fully identify with your product and act in your organisation's name.

be represented specialises in training. This means personal contact not only with product managers and decision makers, but also with wholesaler and tour operator booking staff or dedicated retail travel agents.

Are you looking for a more tailormade representation handling single projects? The translation of your website? A limited number of sales calls or trainings, a regular e-newsletter to your business partners? Find out more under services or contact us.

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